Make Mine Marvel…One-Shots!!!!

Bring Back Marvel One Shots!!! 


   Marvel Studios was intent on recreating the magic of the comic book Marvel Universe onto the big screen. While Marvel has struggled to translate their properties onto the silver-screen (in part due to technology constraints, Legal and Financial issues) There was a glimmer of hope. A little movie that slipped under the radar and almost purposely separated itself from the Marvel banner, Blade. As a moderately successful film it removed the stigma of earlier comic book related films and showcased the possibility of a more mature comic book movie. Marvel now saw the possibilities, as did the individual studios who courted Marvel for their characters and licensed them. X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four each meeting moderate to high success with their releases. The problem remained that this was the Marvel Universe but we were forced to watch in separate sections of that universe because of the separate licensing agreements. Marvel and the Movie companies that licensed the characters had successes yet for every Success there were some setbacks. The Incredible Hulk, The second Fantastic Four. Why would they fail when we have had so many successes? The problem was easy for anyone who grew up with Marvel. The studios were taking too many liberties with these characters. Marvel’s solution, let’s make our own movies. The problem they faced is which characters they could use. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America. Three characters that were not household names but were very popular in the comics. Marvel Studios was formed and it focused on story, character development (to include the right casting) and building a cohesive universe. A shared universe, not unlike the comics. If you buy an issue today there is an oversaturation of characters that are big sellers’ guest starring in other books (almost all) to increase sales. When the Marvel Universe began we had some crossovers but the majority of the shared universe stories were slight cameos or nods to certain situations that occurred in another issue (along with my personal favorite the editor’s note of which issue was referenced so we can pick it up.) Kevin Feige, the producer and one of the brain trust who is responsible for the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, understood this. The after credit scenes, the nods to events in the other movies. The cameos by characters all of this made our little fan boy brains explode. The attention did not stop there. Casual movie goers wanted to be in on the secret and started following other Marvel Movies.  

In creating its shared Universe Marvel also began fleshing out its minor characters in a series of shorts called Marvel One-Shots. The first which endeared us to Agent Coulson and introduced another S.H.I.E.L.D agent Jasper Sitwell in 2011. These One- Shots allowed Marvel to flesh out ideas and test them with audiences. In effect it could have been seen as a pilot for S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter.

I am thrilled that we have a Marvel cinematic Universe that also spreads into the T.V. Universe, and the Netflix original movies started off with a bang with none other than Daredevil himself finding redemption ( one of Marvel Cinematic Universe less stellar performances in theaters) but I would really love to see the Marvel One Shots brought back and used to flesh out the back story for Dr. Strange, The earlier super-heroes of the cold-war era ( as evidenced by Ant-Man’s adventures with the Wasp) Nick Fury’s scar ( My personal theory is that Wolverine Caused it.) and of course continue building up the Mandarin! What if the One-Shots were used to showcase and flesh out the villains?

So, what say you True-Believers? Would you like to see the Marvel One-shots come back? What do you think would be a focus for a One-Shot. 


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